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Infrastructure of HeroChain

HeroChain builds a smart contract system and service application. The basic framework is as follows.

The bottom layer of the public chain- Token

HeroChain public chain issued exchange Token.

Big data and AI layer

The underlying big data provides a variety of data support for the upper gaming applications, the AI layer provides a series of auxiliary functions of the upper application, such as smart betting, smart identification, etc.

Smart Contract layer

Based on the smart contract layer of the HeroChain public chain, a variety of smart contract templates are customized according to the gaming business scenario. Meanwhile, a smart contract API is provided, and a development kit for custom smart contract application is provided.

Service layer

In addition to the HeroChain public chain betting platform, the casino industry and its ancillary industries are all backed by the HeroChain public chain to assist in grafting their own distributed application - DAPPs, HeroChain public chain provides a series of underlying data access and interaction interfaces based on multiple languages to improve the service capabilities of HeroChain public chain service system, including targeted service interfaces such as registration certificate, transaction record, ownership certificate and data query engine, it also supports multilingual integration and functional extension.