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Network platform

HeroChain is based in Cambodia and focuses on the global online market. It is committed to building an all-dimensional and matrix system of online gaming services and building the underlying SDK based on the common chain.

Third party access

HeroChain will provide intelligent contract template and framework, application components, as well as customized API & SDK to reduce the threshold of online gaming game development for all the casinos, gaming vendors and other non-blockchain online gaming platforms that hold legal gaming licenses worldwide.

Distribution network

HeroChain will provide smart distribution systems that comply with local laws and regulations, including user overview, offline management, commission setting, financial ledger and other functions for gaming intermediaries around the world

Offline cooperation

HeroChain mainly provide online gaming services (i.e., online market). According to the needs of business development, we should develop the offline market by means of exchanging digital tokens for legal casino chips and cooperating with legal casinos.

Asset exchange

Many users hold other mainstream digital assets (BTC, ETH, etc.). The exclusive wallet developed by HeroChain will integrate the digital asset exchange's trading interface to facilitate their quick participation in the Hero platform's entertainment activities.

Cooperation With the Global Gaming Market

Based on the principle of legality, the HeroChain team will actively expand cooperation with local governments, licensed enterprises and game manufacturers. In the case of the casino, the mode of cooperation is mainly divided into four types.

Extension business

Exchange of chips

Offline casinos can unlock exchanges with HeroChain official chips, allowing them to redeem their offline chips with official chips or allowing users to use their official chips directly to their offline betting.

Issue digital chips

HeroChain team can help casinos issue proprietary encrypted digital chips. It can help offline casinos expand their online presence. Digital chips can make customers no longer limited to offline casino or even centralized Internet applications.

Technical upgrading

HeroChain public chain team can help offline casinos customize their online gaming platforms while further improving their service quality and operating costs with new technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, big data and AI.

Digital Chip Exchange and Trading Platform

Digital chip exchange: exclusive digital chips for large casinos, gaming platforms and game vendors as well as digital assets issued for the underlying property rights of the superscript gaming industry and its ancillary industries. When business development requires, HeroChain public chain will develop and operate or co-operate a digital asset trading platform that provides a channel for redemption, transfer and realization of a variety of digital chips.