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Governance structure of HeroChain

Considering the internationalization of the HeroChain public chain, the HeroChain foundation (" Foundation ") is a BVI company established overseas. The foundation is committed to the development and construction of HeroChain open blockchain online gaming platform. It advocates transparent governance, so as to promote the safe and harmonious development of open source ecological society.

HeroChain transaction security and audit

Transaction security:

HeroChain ensures user account and fund security through blockchain consensus, smart contract and other technologies such as digital signature, end user encryption wallet and other security means.
HeroChain provides highly efficient integration of financial security data storage, network, platform and other resources. It integrates data, applications and transactions into the cloud of blockchain and builds a secure trading network environment.
It builds security deals with the most trusted trading platforms and technology experts.


The HeroChain public chain foundation investment commission will maintain a high standard of good faith and moral standards of business behavior;
Abide by the relevant laws and regulations and industry self-discipline principle;
HeroChain will invite internationally renowned third-party audit institutions to conduct regular audits and assessments of the HeroChain foundation's fund use, cost expenditure and profit distribution.
HeroChain will have no reservations about publishing third-party evaluation and audit results.