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In addition to what is clearly stated in the white paper, the HeroChain public chain foundation does not make any representations or guarantees to HeroChain public chain or digital chips HEC (especially its marketability and specific functions). Anyone who participates in the sale plan of digital chip HEC and the purchase of digital chip HEC is based on its own knowledge, laws and regulations and the white paper information of HeroChain public chain and digital chip HEC. Without damaging the universality of the foregoing content, all participants will receive the digital chip HEC according to the current situation after the initiation of the HeroChain public chain project, regardless of its specifications, parameters, performance or functions. HeroChain Public Chains Foundation hereby expressly disclaims and refuses to accept the following responsibilities:

1.Anyone who violates the anti-money-laundering, anti-terrorist financing or other regulatory requirements of any country in the purchase of digital chips HEC;

2.Anyone who purchases digital chips HEC violates any statement, warranty, obligation, promise or other requirement stipulated in the white paper, and resulting HEC cannot be used or cannot be extracted.

3.Due to any reason, the sale of digital chips HEC plan is abandoned;

4.The failure or abandonment of the development of the HeroChain public chain, and the resulting inability to deliver or not use the digital chip HEC;

5.The postponement or extension of the development of the Hero Chains public chain, and the consequent inability to reach a prior disclosure schedule;

6.HeroChain public chain and its digital chips HEC source code errors, defects, faults or other problems;

7.HeroChain public chain platform, digital chips HEC failure, crash, paralysis, rollback or hard bifurcations;

8.HeroChain public chain or digital chip HEC failed to achieve any specific function or is not suitable for any particular purpose;

9.Use of funds raised from digital chips HEC sales program;

10.Failure to disclose timely and complete information about the development of the HeroChain public chain;

11.Any participant disclosed, lost or destroyed the digital chip HEC's wallet private key;

12.The third party distribution platform of digital chips, such as breach of contract, violation, infringement, collapse, paralysis, termination or suspension of service, fraud, misoperation, misconduct, mistake, negligence, bankruptcy, liquidation, dissolution or closure of the HEC distribution platform.

13.Any difference, conflict, or contradiction between the content of the agreement between anyone and the third party distribution platform and the content of this white paper;

14.Any person's transaction or speculation on the digital chip HEC;

15.The listing, suspension, or delisting of digital chip HEC on any trading platform;

16.Digital chips, HEC, are classified or regarded as a kind of money, securities, commercial bills, negotiable instruments, investment goods or other things by any government, quasi government agencies, competent authorities or public institutions, so that they are prohibited, supervised or restricted by law;

17.Any risk factors disclosed in the white paper, as well as those related to the risk factors, cause or concomitant damages, losses, claims, liabilities, penalties, costs or other negative effects.

18.After careful consideration, we decide to not accept the participation of citizens/residents of the United States and mainland China in the subscription crowdfunding.