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Introduction of HeroChain Platform

HeroChain is a gaming service ecosystem. It follows laws and regulations around the world to provide legal gaming and entertainment around the world. At present, there are more than 100 countries and regions in the world that stipulate the legality of gaming industry, both the market volume and the user base are very large, which provides a strong economic base and broad application prospects for the HeroChain public chain platform.

Billion Market Scale
Online Gaming Countries
Billion Tax Revenue

Platform Features

Legal Operation

The HeroChain online gaming platform will obtain a license to operate gaming operations legally in Cambodia.

Network Platform

HeroChain is the first legal blockchain open online gaming platform. It is committed to using blockchain technology to help global users to participate in online gaming and entertainment in a fair and transparent manner.

Technology Innovation

HeroChain also uses artificial intelligence and big data technology to further enhance the security, credibility and efficiency of the gaming market.

Significance of HeroChain


The platform provides tax increases for the Cambodian gaming industry and an increase in tourism revenue.

Innovative Experiences

he block chain online gaming platform brings more users and innovative experiences.

Data Technology

The platform actively introduces big data technology and greatly improves the service quality and service efficiency of the gaming industry.

Reduce the Weakness

The use of open and transparent, untampering, intelligent contract delivery, encryption protection and other block chains to solve the pain points of the gaming industry, and get rid of traditional geographical restrictions

AI Technology Application

The use of AI technology, combined with big data platform and machine learning, can realize the qualitative leap of the gaming industry service quality, promote the intelligent network gaming, security and efficiency.